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Hey all. It is a bit late, but I’d still like to thank all that came out and supported us at the Commander Xander release party in Lethbridge on the 7th. Lots of albums were sold, beers were drank – then forgotten at our merch table, and lots of fun was had by all. Xander had another release party last Friday, November 21st at The Byng in Cranbrook. Xander reported a good time had by all.

Two for two, y’all.

The other thing to say is we have an Instagram account. Follow us at @norwegianbluerecords to see events, studio footage, and way too many pictures of guitar pedals.

Cheers all,



Upcoming releases

Hey all! Hope your summer has been rad so far. I (Tys) am getting married on August 3rd, so expect my infrequent updates to get even more infrequent!

Here’s one that should keep you happy/satiated though: NBR0003 is pressed and is awaiting artwork! This album is our first by a non-Lethbridge band, Commander Xander (Who may or may not be described in this Urban Dictionary definition.) We will be shooting for an end-of-August release. We will give you more details soon.

NBR0004 will be a special Cassette Store Day exclusive! We will tell you all more closer to the September 27th date!


Thanks for your continued support.

TW (El Presidente)


Windy Rock is live!

As of five minutes ago, Windy Rock has gone live! Stream all the tracks today, plus, anyone who has pre-purchased the album will get a link to download the tracks in their email. Cassettes will be shipping out as of Tuesday and will be available from Blueprint and The Owl this week sometime. Go to our Bandcamp page to buy, if you haven’t already. 

Thanks for all of you who got us to this point! We hope you are excited as we are! 




Quick Windy Rock update + two more tracks available

Super quick update: Digital download cards are now ready to be stuffed into their cassettes. The cassettes will be shipping out on Monday, April 7th, which means we will have them just before our scheduled release date of Tuesday, April 15th.

Also, two new tracks from The Void and Cosmic Charley are available for your listening pleasure at:


Quick Windy Rock Update

ETA of cassettes from duplication.ca (Analogue Media Technologies Inc.) is April 4th. Release date is April 15th. You can pick them up in Lethbridge from Blueprint Entertainment or The Owl Acoustic Lounge. Or you could get a copy from the merch tables of your favorite Lethbridge bands.

Get stoked!

New Windy Rock tracks for download/streaming

With less than a month until the Windy Rock album gets released, we have decided to enable 2 new tracks for download and streaming each weekend until release.

This weekend’s two tracks are the last song on Side A, Dark Horse by Jesse Northey and the last song on Side B, Whiskey on Your Breath by Steven Foord.

Check ’em out here:




Windy Rock available for pre-order now!

Windy Rock available for pre-order now!

So excited to be able to share this with everyone. The Windy Rock pre-order is now live. Get the digital version for $4 or upgrade to the cassette version for just $2 more! Both versions will come with a digital download of the album, and anyone who pre-orders will get a download of the first track on Side A and the first track of Side B. What are they you ask?

Side A, track one is Classette’s Diamond Blue. This is a brand-spanking new local band who, as far as I know, have not even played a show yet. I wasn’t even sure they had a band name until they sent me the track! Diamond Blue is a jangly meditation on love that will fishhook your heart. You’ve been warned.

Side B, track one is by recently resurrected pop-heroes the darby and joan club. Little Boy is a ripper of a track, zipping along over saturated guitars, a Beatles backbeat, and a solo pushed to it’s breaking point. It’s a bit of a departure from their previous work, but it will feel instantly familiar to DJC fans.

The album drops on April 15th. We will have copies available for sale online as well as at Blueprint Entertainment and The Owl Acoustic Lounge. Stay tuned for more updates!