NEW RELEASE: NBR010 – betterhalf – cute doom e.p.

NEW RELEASE: NBR010 – betterhalf – cute doom e.p.

We are super pleased to be releasing the first betterhalf album on cassette. Aaron + Sil are our best friends for life, musicians extraordinaire, and cuter than a box of puppies.

Pop Quiz: this album will…
A. Knock your socks off.
B. Make you more attractive to other humans.
C. Take you out for a nice dinner.

The answer is: D. All of the above, plus so much more.

Follow the link below to stream the album opener, Said + Done and pre-order. Look for tapes to drop sometime in early September.…/cute-doom-e-p


See what Ride The Tempo said about the opening track here:

New Releases: NBR007 – SPARKLE BLOOD – Denim Tape & NBR008 – HIGH/LOW – Autospy

Hey hey!

We’ve got two new releases for January 2016 that you can pre-order now.

The first is Lethbridge’s favourite husband and wife duo: SPARKLE BLOOD. This pop-rock gem will make your ears (and heart) burst with reverb-soaked songs of love and the beach. You can pre-order the tape (in a lovely silver sparkle finish) and stream the first track, Seafoam Green here: The album drops January 16th, where you pick up a copy and catch them performing (along with betterhalf and Royal Chinet) at Norwegian Blue’s Tag-Team Fest at the Owl Acoustic Lounge.

Second, in collaboration with Instereo Records, is the cassette version of HIGH/LOW‘s 2nd album Autospy. If you haven’t heard of these Essex rockers, they’re an amazing UK fuzz-rock band (which is right up our alley here at NBHQ.) This album blends loud guitars, bass fuzz, harmonies, and propulsive drumming into a delicious alt-rock smoothie. Fans of Foo Fighters, Nada Surf, Supergrass and Ash may find themselves transported back to their childhood bedrooms.

The album drops January 29, 2016 but you can pre-order the album and download the first single Mould. Your friends at NBR have you covered on the tape side, but if CDs and vinyl are more your jam, you can find it here:


-El Presidente

NEW RELEASE: NBR0006 – Night Windows – Musicassette/Magnetic Memory

We are so excited to tell you guys about this new album we’ve been cooking up, and no, it’s not Windy Rock Volume 2. (for once)

This is our very first International release, and we are beyond excited to share this with you, so without further ado.


“…Norwegian Blue Records is proud to present, Pennsville, New Jersey’s Night Windows and the cassette version of their 2014 album Musicassette/Magnetic Memory!”

It can be purchased from our store


Night Windows’ Bandcamp site:

See what Fatter/Older had to say about it here.


CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS : Lethbridge Compilation – “Windy Rock II”

Hey Southern Alberta bands! Listen up!

Windy Rock II is a go! The compilation that weaseled it’s way into so many hearts last year is ready to start again for 2015. This year, we have decided to branch out from just Lethbridge and open it up to all Southern Alberta bands/artists. All genres/styles considered.

Email for more info.

We will be closing submissions February 1st, so get on it!

(To figure out if you qualify as a Southern Alberta artist, check this handy dandy page:

Xander + Instagram

Hey all. It is a bit late, but I’d still like to thank all that came out and supported us at the Commander Xander release party in Lethbridge on the 7th. Lots of albums were sold, beers were drank – then forgotten at our merch table, and lots of fun was had by all. Xander had another release party last Friday, November 21st at The Byng in Cranbrook. Xander reported a good time had by all.

Two for two, y’all.

The other thing to say is we have an Instagram account. Follow us at @norwegianbluerecords to see events, studio footage, and way too many pictures of guitar pedals.

Cheers all,


Upcoming releases

Hey all! Hope your summer has been rad so far. I (Tys) am getting married on August 3rd, so expect my infrequent updates to get even more infrequent!

Here’s one that should keep you happy/satiated though: NBR0003 is pressed and is awaiting artwork! This album is our first by a non-Lethbridge band, Commander Xander (Who may or may not be described in this Urban Dictionary definition.) We will be shooting for an end-of-August release. We will give you more details soon.

NBR0004 will be a special Cassette Store Day exclusive! We will tell you all more closer to the September 27th date!


Thanks for your continued support.

TW (El Presidente)


Windy Rock is live!

As of five minutes ago, Windy Rock has gone live! Stream all the tracks today, plus, anyone who has pre-purchased the album will get a link to download the tracks in their email. Cassettes will be shipping out as of Tuesday and will be available from Blueprint and The Owl this week sometime. Go to our Bandcamp page to buy, if you haven’t already. 

Thanks for all of you who got us to this point! We hope you are excited as we are! 




Quick Windy Rock update + two more tracks available

Super quick update: Digital download cards are now ready to be stuffed into their cassettes. The cassettes will be shipping out on Monday, April 7th, which means we will have them just before our scheduled release date of Tuesday, April 15th.

Also, two new tracks from The Void and Cosmic Charley are available for your listening pleasure at: