“Nine-One-One was a Bomb Hugg job” – Bomb Hugg, BKB.

We are proud to release the first ever album by Lethbridge’s finest rap crew, Bomb Hugg. Songs about the world’s greatest sport since Tennis or Cricket (BKB), going to the bar and forgetting where you parked (Where Did I Park My Car), and how you aren’t really drinking until you drink two beers (2 Beers).

It’s not just rap though, you’ve got the best power-ballad of the past 20 years (Roses), a heartfelt tribute to German folk singer Ronny (Ronny Gets Down), and a Barbershop ditty about the time a ladybug walked on Tony’s bell (Don’t Let The Bellbugs Bite) – don’t worry, we don’t get that last one either.

Bomb Hugg’s debut album “Bomb Hugg: An Album By Bomb Hugg – Hard Tracks And Jaunty Jingles Or: Fantastic Beats And Where To Find Them” is streaming now on all major services, just follow this link:  or available for purchase on Norwegian Blue’s Bandcamp.