You may notice that things have changed quite a bit on this page. We’re working to make it easier for you to learn about NB bands, listen/acquire music and merch, and keep up with what’s happening with us. So in that spirit we’d like you to check out the new menu options!

MUSIC takes you directly to our Bandcamp site, which is the best place to listen to our releases.

ROSTER leads you to our current bands with a photo, website links, direct links to music and bio.

ALUMNI is set up similar to the roster (photo, website links, direct links to music and bio) but is for bands that have either moved on to new labels, aren’t currently making music, or have disbanded. We miss them all dearly!

NEWS tells you what’s happening with us. For our social media, just look at the icons on the upper left hand side.

MERCH takes you to where you can show your support for NB by acquiring your NB merch. Lots of cool stuff on there.

ABOUT US/CONTACT tells you about who we are and what exactly is a Norwegian Blue. Contact is also there if you want to reach us. We love getting messages/links/fun stuff from our people, but at the moment we aren’t looking for demo submissions. Maybe in the future though!

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