NBR0014 – Atrophy Manuscript – Setup The Upset – PRE-ORDER NOW!

Hello out there! Been a while, but we’re back to tell you about our next release, available for pre-order here: https://norwegianbluerecords.bandcamp.com/a…/setup-the-upset

Here’s a dispatch from the mind of El Jefe (M.R. Hayward)

“Sometimes our favourite bands break-up, leaving fans to attack what is left behind left like ravenous wolves. In 2009, the wolves were left hungry.

Atrophy Manuscript (Steven Aitkens, Christian Nelson and Jon Vornbrock) were a post-hardcore band from Lethbridge, Alberta that, for many during the 2000s, changed the scene in Lethbridge; becoming local legends to fans, friends and venues around the city.

They played houses, halls, clubs, bars and theatres across Canada in support of their first record “This Present Day Confusion”, brandishing an original style of post-hardcore and playing that could pull you up out of your chair and then slam you to the ground during one song. Lyrical depth, intelligent melodies and a dynamic blend of heavy and light gave Atrophy Manuscript an edge in an ever changing Canadian independent music scene, which saw the ebb and flow from Myspace to stage to silence.

In 2008, Atrophy Manuscript recorded their sophomore release (the now titled: Setup the Upset) with Jesse Gander at The Hive Creative Studios (which closed in 2013) but with Atrophy Manuscript’s break-up in 2009, the album was shelved.

Now, 8 years later, in collaboration with Norwegian Blue Records “Setup the Upset”, mastered by Stuart Mckillop (Rain City Recorders, Vancouver BC) will be available on limited edition cassette and digitally for the first time in October 2017.

Feast well my lupine friends”