Album Art Revealed!

I have had this under my hat for quite some time now, but it was one of the first steps that I got underway. I spoke with our esteemed artist way back at the end of January about collaboration. When he responded with an affirmative I was beyond pleased. Lethbians will know him as the hat/glasses/beard guy from his slice-o-Lethy-life comic series Slaughterhouse Slough. Ladies and gents, Eric Dyck!

I couldn’t be more pleased with what he dreamed up. Prairies, music and even the train bridge (sorry, viaduct.) Thanks so much Eric for putting your one of a kind stamp on our project. Click one of those links to hire him for yourself. Man’s gotta eat!

We are getting closer everyday to our release dates. Pre-orders will open up this Friday!



Protip: click on the picture for a bigger view. Get panoramic!

windy_rock cover


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