Mormon Girls in New Zealand!

Great news today. Dave from Custom Made emailed me to let me know that we were on the radio in Christchurch, NZ yesterday for The Human Pleasure radio show.

You can hear the show here: and check out the blog here:

Thanks again to Dave for this awesome opportunity, and thanks also to Bill from Human Pleasure for deeming us worthy to be heard on the same playlist as Xiu Xiu.


El Presidente


Windy Rock compilation artist line-up

By now you have probably heard of our Windy Rock compilation featuring Lethbridge bands playing new original music. This city sampler will be coming out in April, but I’d like to give you guys a taste of who will be on it. Click on the names to hear what you are in for!

The confirmed bands are:

alt-poppers Planet Telex

fuzz enthusiasts The Void

prog wizards Lustre Creame

rock n’ bowl maestros Dirti Speshuls

nü gazers Mormon Girls

funk-soul brothers Cosmic Charley

bass n’ tom specialists Betterhalf

dumpcore inventor Jesse Northey

stomp n’ soul innovators Redrum Triumph

slop punk masters The Ruby Plumes

and the return of brit-populists The Darby & Joan Club 

We have a few other bands we are still working out the kinks with. Stay tuned because next month we should have the list finalized!

From our basement to your stereo,

El Presidente (Tyson)

Greengrass Radio!

This one deserves its own post.

We are super blessed to have been reviewed by one of our favorite entertainment sites: Greengrass Radio. Huge thanks to Nick, who we think may be the greatest reviewer of all time.

Link here

UPDATE: 12/3/2015

Greengrass Radio is no more! Nick has moved on to bigger and better things (see: OMJ) I’ve set up a permanent link here for those who are interested in what he had to say.





New Year Updates: Windy Rock sampler; Norwegian Blue welcomes Ben Mahony; Gold cassette tapes?

Hey everybody! Hope your New Year was B-M-Xcellent! We had a great start last year with the Mormon Girls EP. We sold a few copies locally, and sent some off to get reviewed. So far we have had two terrific reviews from Half-Gifts  and Grayowl Point.

Moving onward though, if 2013 was  the rebirth of our label, then 2014 is where we take our first steps! (are those metaphors too mixed?)

First things first, we are collecting local Lethbridge bands to be on an upcoming city sampler, showing the best of our fine town. We are still looking for a few more submissions, so pop off an email to and I’ll get you the info. We will let you know more soon!

We are also pleased to welcome our brother/hero/nemesis/cohort Ben Mahony to the fold. His new, yet untitled, release will be coming at you in spring. It was recorded by Q with all the warmth and ambience a warehouse in the Northside can provide. More info on that is forthcoming too!

Finally, be on the lookout for Golden Cassettes. No more info available.

Support your scene. Fight the good fight.

El Presidente